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ntc_2015Regional Development Agency Srem and its partners: the Institute of Economic Sciences (Belgrade), Water management Institute “Jaroslav Cerni” (Belgrade) and the municipality of Pećinci initiated a project initiative about formation of the “National Center for training of operator facilities for processing waste water”. The Agreement on Intentions was signed by all partners as members of a unique consortium confirmed its intention on realisation of the project. Location of the future Centre is a new wastewater treatment plant in Simanovci. With this project, the consortium has applied for funds from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development on a public call for proposals for the revitalization and research development and education in the public sector.

The goal of merged party is formation of a modern training center in the grounds of the newly built wastewater treatment plant in Simanovci, in which the future operators of processing plants of wastewater treatment would be educated from all over Serbia.

This project used the fact that Pećinci pays special attention and constantly works to improve the situation in the field of wastewater treatment and on its territory, a second filter at the location of settlement Šimanovci has been built. Due to its modern concept of quality equipment, it is suitable to be used as a teaching ground for practical training of operators.

Regional Development Agency Srem has prepared this application and it will be debited for the operational management of the project in full coordination with other members of the consortium.

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