OLD_NEWS_ENGMemorandum signed with the SDC Program & The first Action Plan made in the framework of initiatives for development of tourism in Srem



At the workshop organized by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and RDA Srem on drafting of the Action Plan in the framework of implementation of the activities of rural – regional initiatives – “Model of integrated regional development based on consensus and wide partnership of stakeholders in the development of rural tourism in Srem region”, the memorandum between the RDA Srem and the program” Support for rural and regional development in the Republic of Serbia”. Representatives of rural partners – regional initiatives, public, private and civil sectors attended the workshop, who have given their active participation guidelines for the final drafting of the Action Plan.

At the beginning of the workshop, participants were addressed by President of the Assembly of Sremska Mitrovica, Tomislav Jankovic, Assistant of the Provincial Secretary for Economy and Tourism, Sergej Tamaš, Project Team Leader, John Gallagher and RDA Srem Director, Milan Miric. All of them had a unique conclusion that the current work on the identification of activities was very good, inclusive and open to covered public, private and civil sector with the support of local, regional and national levels. The focus is on the role of the RDA Srem as a central institution of the project with the involvement, coordination and networking of all stakeholders in a unique network of partnerships.

sdc_akcioniAfter the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation, the elements of good governance are presented and activities carried out within the rural – regional initiatives. The central activity of the workshop was the presentation of a draft of action plan as a result of previous work and coordination with partners. During interactive work with the present participants of the workshop, coordinated by Vladimir Pilja, NIRAS consultant. The partners have had the opportunity to express their ideas, concerns and needs in order to improve infrastructure and tourism development with a focus on cycling, increase the tourist offer in the region of Srem, create conditions to increase employability, particularly women and youth, to define the most effective way of managing destination.

At the end of the workshop, the tasks and responsibilities of partners have been agreed on the next steps at the end of the action planing, which will be coordinated by RDA Srem together with representatives of the Project. It is expected that the implementation of the planned activities will strat in June this year.


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