2021 - March
Within, with and for Roma community (ENG)

Final publication of the project "PRO Health for Roma - Addressing Discrimination and Improving Access to Health Care for Roma Communities".

2021 - March
Good practices guide (ENG)

In the scope of the project Getting to Active Citizenship in Europe – Get2It, the Lead partner- POU Varaždin in cooperation with project partners from Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Serbia (Regional Development Agency Srem and Tourism Organisation of the City of Sremska Mitrovica), has developed a Good Practices Guide showing examples of how volunteering is making Europe stronger.

2021 - Januar
Infoguide "I want to be healthy" (SRB) (ENG)

This publication is a part of the project „PRO Health for Roma - Addressing discrimination and improving access to health care for ROMA communities”, financed by European Union through the program Rights, equality, and citizenship (2014-2020). Contents of this publication represents the opinions of the authors and it is exclusively their responsibility. European Union takes no responsibility for the purposes that the contents of this publication may be used for.

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