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As the program manager of the Innovation Start up Centre Stara Pazova, and in cooperation with  „NBreakers“ team as the beneficiary of this Centre, Regional Development Agency of Srem has managed to develop a prototype and start a serial production of universal protection mask with a changeable filter whose main purpose is physical protection of persons and respiratory organs from droplets infection and at the same time immediate protection of surrounding of the person using this mask from the transfer of bacteria or virogen infections.

The main reason of initiating this project was an intention to, through engagement of young, creative and innovative teams in the Innovation Centre, provide direct answer and contribution to preventing Covid19 pandemic in Serbia, for which, in this case, the most credits goes to NBreakers team headed by Nikola and Nemanja Bamburać.

Protection mask is designed in such a way that it can be used more than once. In addition to its adjustability to face ergonomics and its quality of good adhering, the mask has changeable filter whose space is filled with cotton absorbent which is proven to prevent the penetration of Covid 19 particles, and provides security to the user (as it is defined in the Study on efficiency of easily available alternative materials for the filter done at Cambridge University). Likewise, the filter space can be filled with other types of material which are available in everyone’s home and have a great percentage of efficiency too. The design envisages for the replacement of the filter to be simple and to be able to repeat it an unlimited number of times depending on user’s needs. The mask in made of materials used in medicine and it can be treated on a daily basis with disinfectants (alcohol, ethanol and similar), and in the same manner it can be washed in hot water by using soup, making it ready to use again.

The very development of this multipurpose protection mask involved development of technical drawings and its designing. Following this was the verification of given assumptions through the development of a series of prototypes in 3D print which were later being improved through testing and improving the mask shape, face adjustability, level of protection and the choice of acceptable materials, economic benefits of serial production, as well as its availability in terms of price, „NBreakers“ team, made of group of young industrial designers, together with RDA Srem representatives who helped its technical production and project management, is an example of multi-disciplinary team work in using innovation surrounding and laboratories for fast prototyping in the Innovation Centre.

Protection mask with changeable filter is developed in line with the existing studies and applied research in the area of protection of human environment and the health of people.

The mask is developed from plastic material, and the development of tools for injection molding and the first production series was financed by the Sremska Mitrovica City , which has, as one of the founders of RDA Srem, recognized the significance of this project for the local self-government and its residents. The first 5.000 pieces of masks will be given to the city’s public enterprises and other public services in the city. Development of tools and the technical procedure of production was given to company Frezal Ltd. from Ruma. The mask will be available to the larger number of users given that mass production, which can be easily adapted to bigger demand both at the territory of the Republic of Serbia and the wider region as well, has been achieved.

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