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upr2016In Secondary school for agricultural and food sciences “Stevan Petrovic Brile”, Ruma, in front of more than 150 farmers a discussion was held on agricultural policy. The forum was organized by the Farmers’ Association of the Municipality of Ruma and one of the speakers was from RDA Srem.

Topics that were discussed were:

– Agricultural Policy of Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection in 2016;

– Subsidized loans for agriculture;

– Fund for Agricultural Development Municipality;

– Regional projects in the development of agriculture – Integrated system of irrigation;

– The use of biomass for heat and electricity.

Representatives of the agricultural payments (UAP), presented the Agricultural Policy of the Ministry of Agriculture and answered questions that still exist regarding the incentives. An unavoidable issue were payments from 2015 for cattle breeding and, according to what the representatives of the UAP said, within the next two months we can expect all cases from last year to be resolved.

Banka Intesa, presented its loan offer that is current in 2016 and explained to the farmers how the cooperation between Banca Intesa and the Municipality of Ruma functions regarding the subsidizing interests on short-term loans as well the procedures and their duration have also been the subject of conversation.

Considering that the usage of energy from biomass was the topic that was lot spoken about but little is known concretely, Milica Vukadinovic, the chief of the component “Project Development” within the GIZ – of this DKTI program in front of the German Organization for Technical Assistance (GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), presented the potentials of biomass for energy production with a detailed review regarding the region of Srem. It was also presented what the European Union undertakes in order to get from agriculture not only food but also energy. This is the first time that farmers have had direct contact with the new information of this kind in Municipality of Ruma.

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