OLD_NEWS_ENGContinuation of the contract works along the route Srem and new projects


2017_srembike_001RDA Srem, in the following two-year period, continues successfully started project activities in the establishment and improvement of regional cycling routes Srem, financed by the Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, as well as by the Swiss Agency for Cooperation (SDC). Regarding that, in the premises of the Agency a consultative meeting with representatives of: the contractor for the setting up cycling signage and rest areas, FTS – Department of Transport from Novi Sad and cycling associations’ MTB Bike from Indjija was held.

The deadline of the contracted works at the bicycle infrastructure is April 15, 2017, as the representatives of the contractors „Paleta Color” from Novi Sad and „Ukras“ from Laćarak have confirmed. This is especially important if it is known that municipality Irig needs to complete the road reconstruction on the Grebenski road on the route, in the length of 3.5 km to the hotel “Norcev“ until May 01,2017, which is one of the most important parts of the route Srem. Further, work on the reconstruction of the Grebenski road on the route in the length of 9, 5 km to Banstol, will be taken over by the municipality of Indjija. These works are even more significant because the routes Srem largely (about 54 km) extends along the Grebenski road on the route, which will, for the cycle tourists and other beneficiaries, mean safer and more efficient access to other tourist resources.

Those planned works are particularly important Swiss donor who finances the program of support to the regional/rural development in Serbia in the amount of 1.7 mil. CHF, which is associated with the Srem region of Mačva, one of the two selected sub-regions. In this respect, the RDA Srem with its partners from the public, private and civil sector developed project activities that will have a significant effect for further, sustainable development of rural tourism with a focus on cycling, same route Srem and rural areas of the region Srem. Primarily, it is the construction and equipping of the cycling camp Kozarica and bike park in the area of NP Fruska gora, the design and furnishing of laterals that will connect Sremska bicycle route with the Sava river, training and mini grants for categorization of accommodation for rural households engaged in providing services in tourism, development of IT platform that will cycle tourists use for quickly and efficient navigation and communication. The deadline for implementation of planned activities is August 2018, when the first phase of SDC support for regional/rural development in Serbia ends.

As one of the main results of the project will be created tourist product of Srem – regional cycling route Srem within the destinations of the Fruska Gora – Danube with developed marketing and action plan for future activities. This at the same time be the basis for programming budgets of municipalities through which the route passes and identification of national donors and EU funds, especially the Swiss Agency for Development within of the second phase of support for regional/rural development in Serbia.

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