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balansRDA Srem has initiated another regional project on the topic of balanced development of business zones in Srem.

The first step was to apply to the recently completed Call for proposals announced by the Ministry of Regional Development and Local Government. The aim was to submit project applications for the funds provided for the Program of measures for distribution and use of funds to support the development of business zones and improvement of other infrastructure facilities in order to attract investments in 2014.

Irig municipality has agreed to be the main project applicant and as a result, if the project is selected, the documentation of much greater importance will be obtained. The total project cost is estimated to 17,500,000.00 RSD.

Keeping in mind the future project, infrastructure corridor state road No.21 – Novi Sad – Ruma – Sabac, with a tunnel through the mountain Fruska gora logically put in the focus and associated infrastructure within it. For this reason, a project was created called “Balanced development of business infrastructure in the region of Srem, with a solution for the Industrial Zone Irig within the corridors of the state road Novi Sad – Ruma – Sabac.

Through this project Pre-feasibility study for the Irig industrial zone project would be done, with six annexes (elaborates) for the business zones in other municipalities of Srem and the ’’Study of the balanced development of business infrastructure throughout the territory of Srem“.

As part of the study, Srem region resources would be analysed in detail, its competitive advantages in relation to other regions. After that, the analysis of demand in certain sectors would be determined the most promising future growth due to the demand and the capacity of the region. The development of the manufacturing and service branches would be through a comprehensive analysis equally diversified in the region, taking into account the real situation on the terrain and already established potentials in the municipalities of Srem region.

Once again it was shown as a strategically correct that the RDA Srem has initiated and led to the realization of “Inter-municipal agreement on the implementation and management of regional projects in Srem”, signed by all the mayors in the region of Srem 18th October 2013, because it is possible to produce these kinds of projects only in such conditions.

Bearing in mind that Serbia lacks such initiatives especially enlarged and coordinated projects with regional significance, we believe that this project has to be recognized primarily as an objective manner and positively evaluated because of its large current and future potential.

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