OLD_NEWS_ENGAgreed cooperation with German GIZ DKTI



RDA Srem signed a donation contract with the German GIZ program DKTI – Development of sustainable bioenergy market in Serbia. This prestigious program of the German government recognized the RDA Srem as adequate implementation partner for the realization of its program objectives. A main goal of the cooperation is to establish a unified platform for capacity building for project development in the use of biomass in Srem, primarily in the production of biogas for energy purposes.

Through the cooperation, the existing institutional framework of RDA Srem will be used – Inter-Municipal Working Group (EEG) for energy efficiency and renewable energy (EE and RES), which will involve strengthening the MORG capacity to identify and run projects in the field of biomass. IMWG Members will have series of trainings during the project by GIZ experts and be able to analyse and independently evaluate the readiness of projects for investment and implementation.

In this sense, the aim of the cooperation with GIZ is to identify at least 4 project for the power plants (CHP) for the production of electrical and/or thermal energy in private sector. These projects must have a positive potential for further development and financial support. The private sector will be represented in the project through the identification and establishment of a network of stakeholders (small farmers, cooperatives, large farms and legal entities in the field of agriculture and food production) that will delegate their representatives to IMWG which will directly influence the decision-making on projects.

Project activities will include public institutions – municipalities, public companies, the media, with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of using biomass (in the form of information campaigns, seminars, bilateral meetings, etc.). The project will last one year.

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