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Today, the meeting was held in Belgrade between the representatives of RDA Srem (Milan Miric and Zoran Radakovic) and Serbian City Club, London (Jelena Krzanicki and Milos Stefanovic). This independent and non-political organization has been created to encourage the interests of young Serbian professionals who live and work in Great Britain. RDA Srem has identified this organisation as a potential partner regarding mutual projects that would improve the regional development of Srem and the very mission of the Serbian City Club itself. The topic of the meeting was consideration of real possibilities and needs on both sides that would make future cooperation well oriented.
The accent of the meeting was on the possibilities of promotion of the region of Srem in Great Britain and searching for potential investors, i.e. funds that would support both civil society and sections of human resources, agricultural and economy development etc. Serbian City Club would have a very important role  having grate experience in this field since its members have very responsible positions  in the prestigious European companies with their business contacts, professional knowledge etc.

Тhe RDA Srem could be the necessary link in solving the current problems of our young experts who see their future in Serbia, especially in the field of notification of diplomas as well as analysis of the needs of domestic and foreign companies that have invested or just want to invest in the region of Srem.

It was agreed that the future period would be devoted to mutual exchange of ideas and concepts that could be realized through modern models of cooperation regarding the specific project activities.

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