OLD_NEWS_ENGThe RDA Srem initiated – entrepreneurs of the Municipality of Ruma achieved


The Founding assembly of the Association of Entrepreneurs of the municipality of Ruma “Victoria” was held today in the premises of the Regional Development Agency of Srem. This nonpartisan, non-governmental (NGO) and non-profit association aims to develop women’s entrepreneurship and improve its business environment.

Besides the Regional Development Agency of Srem, the initiator of this event, the founding meeting also attended the representatives of the municipality of Ruma, Commercial district of Srem and Chamber of Commerce. It was pointed out that these associations in other areas were shown as a service to entrepreneurs and through which they have easier access to domestic and foreign funds.
Emica Vuckovic, the President of the entrepreneurs’ association, said that the association is a normative for  further development and we need to use all the benefits it brings, because only in this way they can more easily achieve common goals, to influence in a larger extent on the events, and above all, to help each other. “The time is hard and we have to fight, but I hope that all entrepreneurs who are with us today will get their chance. The goal is not only to unite but to point out that entrepreneurs should not sit at home and wait for the job, but to initiate something and to provide information and be helpful to all interested” said Mrs Vuckovic.

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